Colorfields premiered at Glow Santa Monica on September 28, 2013. The app was available for iPhone and Android devices.

Colorfields data was collected and has been used in various works since. Here are a few early conceptual sketches.

colorields sketch colorields sketch colorields sketch colorields sketch colorields sketch colorields sketch


Colorfields is an art piece commissioned by the City of Santa Monica California for their 2013 Glow festival, a one-night art exhibition to take place on the beach in Santa Monica and in the near vicinity from the hours of 7 PM on September 28th to 3 AM September 29th ( The Colorfield is a 60m x 60m area on the beach that is activated with sound and light by event attendees who have downloaded the app and bring their devices to the event. When attendees enter the Colorfield zone the devices are programmed with a sequence of colored light and sound that is synchronized in time and tagged to the specific location of the work. This creates a crowd-sourced artwork in which each mobile device serves as a pixel in a larger field of color. The typical one to one relationship established between mobile devices and their users is challenged by encouraging people to share their screens with the crowd creating a large scale shared physical environment that is enhanced by digital technology. The digital experience is transformed from a solitary one to a social one. Digital media has a tendency to void physical space by drawing the viewer into the space of the media. This work aims to invert that relationship by drawing the media into the space of the viewers.